Rozhub Naturals Shikakai Herbal Powder (Acacia Concinna) - 100g

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Shikakai is famed for a long time as an effective and powerful beauty treatment for hair. But few know that it is good for the skin too. Use it often to experience the difference that is sure to be noticed by one and all.

This product is pure, potent and ideal for all skin types and hair types. It is gentle in nature while at the same time gives impressive results.


The bark, leaves and fruit pods of the plant Eclipta Alba are dried and later ground to make Shikakai powder.


The powder is known to lend shine and softness to hair. It's anti-fungal characteristics helps for better scalp care. The product when used regularly, is known to result in stronger and thicker hair as well as significant reduction in hair fall.

The powder cleanses the hair naturally without taking away essential oils. The powder is known as an effective treatment to hair. Shikakai powder cools down stressed heads and scalp care.


  • Combine Shikakai with yogurt. Massage it gently on the scalp and hair. Leave it on for 15 min. Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

  • Mix the powder with olive oil and camphor. Apply the mixture on the scalp and hair.

  • Combine half a cup of the powder with 1 cup Amla powder. Add a cup of lukewarm water to the mixture. Massage the paste on your hair and rinse with water after about half an hour.


Whether its about being healthy, or having beautiful skin and body, mother earth has all. Rozhub Naturals bring out the products straight from the belly & offer them in their purest form. Rozhub offers the same motherly care & love through its 100% natural & organic products. Be it essential oils, vegetable oils, herbs & powders, body butter or mineral clays, you will get the same purity as mother earth has on offer. Try any of our products today and set yourself to experience the true bliss of mother earth.

Rozhub Naturals Shikakai Herbal Powder (Acacia Concinna) - 100g


Rozhub Naturals products are pure and made in small batches to ensure the freshness while they lands in your hands. This ensures that you always get the fresh & pure products.

Rozhub Naturals Shikakai Herbal Powder (Acacia Concinna) - 100g


Rozhub Naturals bring out the products straight from the belly of mother Earth & offer them in their purest form. You will experience same motherly care with Love.

Rozhub Naturals Shikakai Herbal Powder (Acacia Concinna) - 100g


Rozhub Naturals products bring a healthy change in your lifestyle. Be it your hair, skin, face or body, you definitely will feel the difference after using our Natural Herbal Products.

Rozhub Naturals100% Pure Natural Shikakai Powder

Taking the herbal hair care world by storm, here comes a beauty ingredient, rather staple that most of us may have seen our grandmothers apply to their locks - Shikakai. That boys and girls is the secret behind their stunning, silky and strong locks that have truly stood the test of time. Grown predominantly all over South Asia, no women Desi women have drawn its advantages like no other. An excellent scalp cleanser, Shikakai can be a bit drying for most scalps unless it is blended with moisturising ingredients such as – yoghurt. Loaded with Vitamins C and K as well as anti-oxidants, Shikakai is tough to hold a candle to when it comes to detoxifying scalp ridding it off stubborn dandruff, flakiness, itch and even hair fall. Rightly deemed “Fruit For Hair”, if you wish to flaunt locks as lustrous as that of your previous generations, you know which ingredient to rely upon.


A mother never compromises on the quality of any products for her children. Same is the philosophy we follow. We never mix anything to our powders to make them cheap. We always offer them in the same form as of mother earth. We use the traditional method to grind the herbs and make the micro-fine quality powders. This method ensures that all the medicinal & nutritional properties of the herbs are retained for maximum benefits

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