Rozhub Naturals Vision is to empower underprivileged women by planning, promoting and organizing handmade creativities in Health care range. Our granny’s and mothers have been biggest entrepreneur without being recognized and hardly commercialized. Growing up in an underprivileged surrounding and environment with very little exposure to outside world I always had a thought of what should I do to change the things for good which can make a women independent and at same time her Ideas and expertise can make her stand out in crowd.

Rozhub Naturals was born with a though of making handmade luxury soaps which are Natural and Safe. Our Idea is to build villages and BPL community self-sufficient by making them independent.

We love Natural and fresh ingredients and thus went an extra-mile to handcraft each of our products to transform the fresh experience into an extraordinary beauty saga. Each handmade product is sheer artistry that boasts of its detailing and precision and comes with a promise of complete truth. The truth with which each ingredient is hand cut, hand poured, and hand wrapped in small batches, in a particular sequence, at a specific interval and at a determined temperature to create nothing less than phenomenal.

We are committed to reducing and eliminating that impact through each stage of our manufacturing process. Right from sourcing the fresh, safe, and bio-degradable ingredients from our partners from all around the world, who implement and follow ethical production practices to making the conscious decision of developing and crafting our products in-house to minimize environmental da mage.

Our ingredients being fresh, natural, and vegetarian do not release toxic fumes and emissions, making the complete manufacturing process smoke-free. Use of authentic handmade tools, time-honored methods and practices, helps in reducing greenhouse gases and using resources more efficiently.

Rozhub Naturals products are 100% pure, natural, and handcrafted, made with simple, well known and well recognized ingredients. Our products are all natural and does not contain Chemicals, Artificial Preservatives, Fragrances and Parabens. We do not conduct animal testing and our products are cruelty free. 

All of our products have been inspired by the effective ingredients used for centuries from around the world. We use variety of organic herbs, fruit powders, coconut butter, & pure essential oils. We believe PURE should be SAFE; and how our skin feel so wonderful after using our products, we want the same for you.

We are passionate about being Natural, Organic, and Safe; to promote sustainable living we promote disciple in our production of less to low wastage and hence we make Handcrafted Soaps in Small Batches, we ship products all over India and across the world.