Brand Story

Freshest, finest, and all natural ingredients, define Rozhub. We place utmost importance on the quality and performance of every ingredient and thus carefully source the best of them, from all around the world. It’s the purity and wholesome vitality of our freshly picked fruits and vegetables, therapeutic leaves, rich herbs, exotic roots, full-flavoured spices, and divine oils that make each of our products so special and indulgent. When you choose to buy any of our products, you feel the richness of its ingredients, in its most naked and unprocessed form. Because, fresh is all about what goes into the making.

The Handmade Experience

We love the bareness of fresh ingredients and thus went an extra-mile to handcraft each of our products to transform the fresh experience into an extraordinary beauty saga. Each handmade product is sheer artistry that boasts of its detailing and precision and comes with a promise of complete truth. The truth with which each ingredient is hand cut, hand poured, and hand wrapped in small batches, in a particular sequence, at a specific interval and at a determined temperature to create nothing less than phenomenal.

Cruelty-free Beauty

We take great pride in not testing our products on animals and by showing it to the world that it is possible to manufacture high-quality beauty and skin care products that adhere to the legal safety requirements, without ever harming and testing them on animals. Adding to this, we are strictly against using any ingredients that are derived from animals. Our products DO NOT CONTAIN - Cochineal Dye, Guanine, Tallow Gelatin, Lanolin, Squalene, Ambergris, Collagen, Estrogen, and Retinol which are widely used in many beauty and cosmetic products.