Rozhub Natural Mulethi (Licorice) Hair & Face Mask Powder - 100g

Rs. 299.00

Rozhub Natural Mulethi (Licorice) Hair & Face Mask Powder - 100g

Rs. 299.00
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Rozhub Naturals Mulethi powder is also known as “licorice powder” is a triple sifted micro-fine powder made from premium quality herbs without any added chemicals. This amazing Mulethi face pack is not only used for lightening skin complexion, but also for a number of skin care issues like, it helps to get rid of scars, blemishes and marks while protecting against skin-damaging radicals  from UV rays. It is known to bring a natural glow to the face. 

  • 100% Safe And Pure Natural Mulethi Powder That Has No Side Effects And Is Suitable For All Hair And Skin Kinds.
  • Mulethi Powder For Skin Helps Remove Impurities From Skin In An All-Natural Manner.
  • Mulethi Powder For Hair Helps In Reducing The Excess Oil Secretions From The Scalp
  • 100% Chemical Free Powder That Contains No Added Chemicals, Harsh Metals Or Any Other Added Synthetics.

    In terms of hair care, organic licorice powder keeps any kind of scalp infections at bay, helps fight dandruff, reduces hair loss and in addition, works as a great stimulant for hair growth as well. Being micro-fine and triple sifted it makes it easier to mix it in any recipe. Give it a try; add licorice to your skin and hair care routine and see the difference yourself.

    How to Use:

    Purpose- Hair Cleansing Mask

    Directions for use

    • Add 1 tbsp each of Mulethi Powder and Reetha powder, half tbsp each of amla powder and Shikakai powder in a bowl and mix it.
    • Then, add 10 drops of Coconut oil and two and half tbsp of warm water in it, make a semi-thick paste.
    • Apply the paste on hair and keep it overnight.
    • Wash your hair next morning under running water.

    Purpose- Anti –Inflammatory face Mask

    Directions for use

    • Add 1 tbsp of Mulethi powder, 2 tbsp of mixed paste of yoghurt and milk and stir it.
    • Add 5 drops of basil oil and mix it well before use
    • Apply the pack on your face.
    • Wash it off with running water after 20minutes.
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