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Citronella Essential Oil - 100% Natural & Undiluted - 15ml

Rs. 599.00

Citronella Essential Oil - 100% Natural & Undiluted - 15ml

Rs. 599.00
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Rozhub Naturals Citronella Essential oil is citrusy, with a tinge of fruity, fresh and sweet aroma. It a therapeutic grade oil that can be used in aromatherapy and for beauty and skin care routine. This oil blends well with other essential oils that are citrusy, floral and herbaceous. Citronella oil has as citrus scent that is very soothing and energizing.

Diffusing citronella oil is known to prevent the mosquitoes and other small insects from entering your home. Another wonderful property of this oil is that it can help reduce anxiety and stress while uplifting your mood.

Applying diluted citronella oil around the abdominal area is known to ease menstrual cramps in women. Citronella is known for its anti-bacterial properties and can be used to manage acne breakouts. Regular application of this oil on the skin is known to keep the it moisturized and hydrated.

This is a must have essential oil if you are an outdoor person who love to hike and go for long nature walks. Applying diluted citronella oil on your hands and all the exposed areas of your body while hiking will prevent mosquito and bug bites.

All about an essential oil

Rozhub Naturals Citronella Essential Oil - 100% Pure Natural & undiluted - 15ml

Rozhub Naturals Citronella Essential Oil - 100% Pure Natural & undiluted - 15ml

Rozhub Naturals Citronella Essential Oil - 100% Pure Natural & undiluted - 15ml

What is an Essential Oil?

An Essential Oil is a concentrated, volatile liquid aromatic compound made from plants and plant materials. It cannot be dissolved in water. The particles in essential oils come from distilling different parts of plants, including the flowers, leaves, bark, roots, resin, and peels. The liquid distilled is a highly-concentrated portion of natural essential oil and will have the characteristic properties, essence, and fragrance of the plant from which it was extracted.

What is Citonella Essential oil?

Citronella is a type of grass. It is used as a culinary and medical herb due to its lemony fragrance. The citronella oil is distilled from the leaves of citronella grass.

How is Essential oil distilled?

Distilling an essential oil is both an art and science. In this method, the steam is used to rupture the membranes of the source to release the oils. The steam with the oil compounds is then collected in a condenser where the oil is separated from the water vapour to form pure essential oil.


Citronella essential oil promotes happiness, positive thoughts and feeling when used in aromatherapy. Adding a few drops of citronella oil to your regular shampoo is known to wash away excess oil and help manage dandruff. After a long day, having a bath in warm water infused with citronella is known to refresh your body and mind. Applying diluted citronella oil on the forehead and body is known to increase sweating and promotes removal of toxins from the body. Soaking your feet in warm water infused with a few drops of citronella is known to reduce the soreness and help deodorize your feet. Citronella oil is a natural insect repellant. If you are an outdoor person, apply generous amount of diluted citronella essential oil to prevent mosquito bites and stings of other bugs/insects. These are a few of the simple reasons why citronella is a must-have oil in your essential oil cabinet.

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